Born from a single polygon shape that morphed into a jewelry piece with every additional layer, Poly is the collection that had started it all – it’s the main reason for AKK Jewelry’s existence. Carefully aligned polygon shapes form an edgy, statement jewelry collection which is comprised of variety of rings, a bangle, earrings and a necklace.

Edge collection accentuates your features and draws attention. It perfectly complements different fashion choices and fits almost any wardrobe style, from a casual attire to the formal and festive appearance.

When you wear Poly, you cannot go unnoticed. Multifaceted surfaces that adorn the 3D printed and 18k gold, 14k rose gold or Rhodium plated pieces of jewelry catch the light and dazzle everyone around you, drawing attention to their unique look.

Poly is for adventurers, creatives, for the brave ones - all individuals who aren’t afraid to show that they are different. This jewelry collection sends out a call to all the misfits, explorers, tinkerers, lone wolves and pack leaders, the ones who love to take the roads less traveled and the ones who make their own paths. 

Aptly named, Poly is a set of jewelry pieces that morphs, shows different sides of you, and fits any mood. It adds the “bad” to your good, plays angel to your devil – it’s both Yin and Yang. This collection has the power to definitely add pizazz and class even to a humble outfit. One eternally classic little black dress and this 3D printed jewelry collection is all you need to project a futuristic monarch feel. Wear the entire set for extra experience points, charm, and instant level up.