Born from a single polygon shape which morphed almost organically into a piece of jewelry with each added layer, Poly is the collection which is heralding the arrival of the radical new brand AKK.

These carefully aligned polygon structures form an edgy and dramatic jewelry collection, jewelry which makes a strong statement in that it combines both classical and modern. The collection features a variety of rings, bangles, earrings and necklaces, all made possible with the rapid advance of 3D printing technology.

The first collection under the AKK brand represents a new direction for the designer Aleksandar Kovacevic Kiki, working in the revolutionary field of 3D printed jewelry. It revisits the very core of traditional jewelry design, whilst at the same time embracing the new technology of 3D printing.

The collection emphasizes your features, and with its bold, sheer shapes, it perfectly suits many different fashion choices and wardrobe styles, from the casual to the catwalk, from the relaxed to the formal.

Aptly named Poly, this multifaceted collection will take your look up to the next level. The stark, angular surfaces cannot go unnoticed. Designed lovingly and crafted beautifully from 18K gold-plated, 14K rose gold-plated or rhodium-plated brass, the pieces reflect the light with glitter and majesty, drawing the eye to their unique style. It lends an industrial edge to the smooth and elegant, or adds dramatic statement for those who go for a more radical look.

Poly is for dreamers and adventurers, for the bold, the ones with the courage to think, dress and accessorize outside the norm. It works for the pack leaders and lone wolves alike, those unafraid to find and pursue their own paths, unafraid to go off the beaten track.