AKK Jewelry

Aleksandar Kovacevic Kiki recognizes within himself a desire to play a part in crucial moments of change in human history, and though primarily educated and working in traditional fashion design, the designer sees 3D printing as an opportunity to embrace technologies on the frontier and challenge the industrial structures and barriers in the jewelry industry

As a former student of fashion design from the Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Kiki has spent the past several years in knitwear design, which awarded him with a keen eye for aesthetics. Since he was always attracted to metal as a material in his designs, the transformation from fashion to jewelry design was a natural progression. The next step - the founding of AKK Jewelry in 2016.

The dawn of 3D printing technology allows us to feel like explorers in a new world, each establishing new practices in different directions, without traditional expectations, with growing, endless possibilities. The 3D printing is liberating jewelry design and removes the limits – allowing us to create exactly what we envision. We at AKK Jewelry are more than ready to explore our passions and turn them into unique jewelry pieces. You are invited to join us on our journey.


The Collection

The collection is borne of a single polygon shape, an intriguing starting point to develop from. Layering the same shape to create harmonized yet different presentations of a ring, a bangle, earrings and necklace.