About AKK

When our founder Aleksandar Kovacevic Kiki learned of the emerging technology of 3D printing, it awakened something within him, a desire to be part of this huge milestone in production technique, a potentially new industrial revolution. He felt now was a pivotal moment in manufacturing industry, with new horizons expanding in design and production of jewelry. The brand AKK was launched with the desire to push the envelope of modern design, looking into the future.

Aleksandar Kovacevic Kiki studied at Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts, which armed him with a keen eye for aesthetics, and a grounding in classic fashion design. Although he spent the next few years designing knitwear, he has always been attracted to the use of metal in his work even since he was a student, so the migration he made towards jewelry seemed like a natural progression.

Aleksandar Kovacevic Kiki

Having experimented on numerous jewelry designs, he realized the potential of 3D printing and subsequently founded AKK in 2016.

The dawn of 3D printing technology was an enormous inspiration in the launch of the brand. It is so current, so cutting edge and still developing. We at AKK feel like explorers on a new planet. There are endless directions to look at, travel through, experiment with. It liberates jewelry design, it removes certain limits, it allows for interplay and improvisation and puts more creative control in the hands of the designer.

The Poly range is just the start. We are excited by the endless avenues that can be travelled down. We are hoping you will join us and enjoy the journey as well.

3D Printed Jewelry

The advance of 3D printing technology is revolutionizing the creative world. One of the first of creative realms to harness its power is the world of jewelry design. 3D printing gives power back into the hands of designers such as AKK founder Aleksandar Kovacevic Kiki. It heralds a new era in production, and looks to the future, with a nod to the past.

Aleksandar Kovacevic Kiki is embracing 3D printing as a new approach to the design and production of jewelry. Just as the printing press revolutionized the world of words, this technology may revolutionize and rejuvenate jewelry design and production. A desire to be part of this new Industrial revolution and to adopt this egalitarian technology is an essential part of the AKK philosophy.

Bangles from Poly Collection

The rise of 3D printing technology can enhance both production and design. The process liberates, evolves, and sometimes elevates what is possible in jewelry design. Visions become creations, dreams become reality. AKK’s creative passion feeds into these visions, and the visions become a substance. Like the alchemy of the past, magic can come to life with the help of this exciting new technology.