AKK Jewelry

The advance of 3D printing technology is revolutionising the creative world. One of the first of creative realms to harness its power is the world of jewellery design. 3D printed jewellery gives power back into the hands of designers such as AKK founder Aleksander Kovacevic Kiki.
3D printed jewellery heralds a new era with regard to the means of production, and embraces the future, with a nod to the past.

A marriage of the classical with the industrial, and the ancient with the futuristic, AKK has launched a dramatic range of 3D printed jewellery, “Poly”, which whilst informed by shapes and forms which are intrinsic to human history and classicism , also playfully interact with an elegant modernity.

3D printed golden plated bracelet

Aleksander Kovacevic Kiki is embracing a new approach to the design and production of jewellery, notable for the application of 3D printing. Just as the Printing Press revolutionised the world of words, this technology can revolutionise and rejuvenate the world of jewellery design and production. 

A desire to play a crucial role in this new Industrial revolution, and to embrace this egalitarian technology is an essential part of the AKK philosophy. The rise and embrace of 3D printed technology can advance the means of both production and design. The process liberates, evolves, and sometimes elevates what is possible in the world of jewellery design. Visions become creations, dreams and passions become realities. AKK's passions feed into these visions, and those passions and aesthetics become a substance. Like the alchemy of the past, magic can come to life with the help of this exciting new technology.